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Forget your start menu and the icons on your desktop - launch programs and documents from your
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3 June 2007

Key Launch 1.6 review

Key Launch, is a simple, easily customizable and effective utility for launching programs in a click.
This multi-functional utility enhanced with features for quick and easy launching of programs and documents from your keyboard stands out of the crowd. The smooth, simple and easy interface will allow you escape launching programs from your cluttered start menu. With this tool you can now launch programs and documents with just a few keystrokes or by typing abbreviations. You need to simply type the first few words of your application; you will instantly find your desired application that can either be launched, dragged to desktop or even can be uninstalled. Other features included are; interface compatible with the keyboard, amazing reliability, built in calculator, supports special commands and internal commands, supports key launch or DNM script, and much more.
The absolutely free to use tool for quick access of your favorite Windows applications.

Publisher's description

Forget your start menu and the icons on your desktop - launch programs and documents from your keyboard, with just a few keystrokes, by typing abbreviations. Just type a few letters of what you are looking for and Key Launch finds it - enter e.g. 'c' to open the 'calculator'.
You can add aliases, e.g. you can define that "w" means "Microsoft Word", and from now on, you can simply hit Ctrl+Space, then 'w' and enter to open MS Word, it's much faster than browsing through your start menu.

User comments

GREAT! Feel like using Google Desktop.

Cons: using 12MB RAM is a pain.
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